Anonymous asked: Hi! I really liked you dudes, do you have any plans to reform?

Hi, sorry if you sent this a long time ago but nobody really checks this very often obviously. Nah, we won’t be doing anything further with this band. Thanks though, it means a lot.

Title: Hail Chillingham Artist: Wade 367 plays



Wade - Hail, Chillingham

Full Ep will be online soon

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Self explanatory


Just made a special 1/1 copy of ‘all the shit before we got good and split up’ for a dude in the america who messaged me saying he really wanted some sunday league stuff. 

I’m nice.

I’m super appreciative to anyone who actually likes this stuff enough to message me asking specifically if they can get hold of something physical, so I made this ‘1 of 1’ discography (to date) to send out to somebody who did just that since right now we’re ~sold out~ on everything that we actually ever put out. I can do this for anyone who wants one really (within reason, and as long as you can pay for postage), just send me a message. Alternatively if you want something different, we should at some point, some time, have the tapes out with the last set of songs we wrote, and played for the last year of our life as a band. We just need to organise time, money and other things. 2013 for sure. Thanks loads to anyone who cares!


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Hello sundayxfans

A few of us have started a new band, called Wade. You can find us @


Thank you for your time.

Fresh video of full songs from a bunch of the bands from the About Time all dayer in july. 

So many nice bands including Cyc Schmeic, Plaids, Nai Harvest and moooore. We’re at about 23 mins with a song entitled ‘good luck exploring the infinite abyss’.



You like twin peaks? And you like punk stuff?


Welcome To Get Into It Recs chest print/large shoulder text print on reverse. Printed by NXNE on Gildan heavy shirts.

This is a preorder page, so I can get an idea for how many I need to get printed/sizes etc. Expect your shirt within the first week or so of september.

Send me an email for international shipping prices

Fire walk with me.

Chris runs a label. They have preorders for these radifresh shirts up for the next week or so. Have a gander! All orders come stacked with stickers, badges, patches etc.

also bye.


We’d also like to say a sad RIP to Verme and Sunday League who split up this week.  Great bands who we will miss very much.

Yeah, extending all our collective love to Bird Calls and Verme too. One love, ultra’s.


Hey, just want to quickly say- We are no longer a band. We want to say a huge thank you to anyone who has ever put us on, said kind things, came to watch us play, bought our stuff, or helped us in any way, big or small. We’ve made some of our best friends as a result of this band, it’s been awesome. We’ll probably sort a last show at some point, and we’re going to record the last bunch of songs we’ve wrote and put them out some time in the near future. Thanks loads.


Your Neighbour The Liar, Ten Speed Bicycle, SundayxLeague and Football, Etc in Manchester a little while ago. This was a great show, the Bay Horse is a really nice little venue, if a bit pricy in the bar. And there was this creepy mannequin in a glass cabinet in the corner, which was weird. And Football, Etc kind of really bore the crap out of me. But it was full of good people and good music and I saw Ten Speed for the first time so that was all pretty good, eh? 

This was a nice night