1. Nai Harvest - The Bikes & The Basement
  2. Forrest. - Southsea
  3. Hindsights - Mirrors
  4. Pipedream - Once As One
  5. Cardinal - Past Mistake
  6. Square Business - Weight
  7. Sunday League - Low Fives
  8. Plaids - Four
  9. Well Wisher - Fast Past
  10. Gnarwolves - Coffee
  11. Bangers - The Borrowers
  12. Wisdom Teeth - My Hands Alone
  13. Living Room - Life Lines

Compilation No.2 is here and is once again available free for streaming and download!

If you like what you hear, and I know you will, then spread it around.

All these bands are awesome. | Facebook.

We have a track on this, along with some of our favourite bands/best friends. We don’t really get involved with that many comps or anything but Close to Home are good and pretty much all these bands are mint. Go download it/support Close to Home!

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    There were some awesome bands on the first one, and there are some awesome ones on this! Check it out!
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    so many stella bands.
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    Working on a third compilation at the moment. Hopefully it’ll get the kind of reaction this one has recieved!
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    such a fucking solid compilation, anddddd its freeeee!
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    My rock band is track 3 on this compilation. Perfect showcase of rising UK bands. Check all of them out.
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    The UK has some way fucking awesome musical talent right now that ya’ll NEED to hear.
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    all the rad bands, friends bands, fun bands.
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    Nai Harvest - The Bikes & The Basement Forrest. - Southsea Hindsights - Mirrors Pipedream - Once As One Cardinal - Past...
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    This playlist looks sick!
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    Probably one of the most perfect things put together! Check it out!
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    Loads of good bands on this, get it downloaded. Plaids are a pretty new band from Nottingham with ex members of What...