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Hello sundayxfans

A few of us have started a new band, called Wade. You can find us @


Thank you for your time.


Hey, just want to quickly say- We are no longer a band. We want to say a huge thank you to anyone who has ever put us on, said kind things, came to watch us play, bought our stuff, or helped us in any way, big or small. We’ve made some of our best friends as a result of this band, it’s been awesome. We’ll probably sort a last show at some point, and we’re going to record the last bunch of songs we’ve wrote and put them out some time in the near future. Thanks loads.


Ok. We’re one week away from leaving home and embarking on a raging beer-bong fuelled trip. Here’s the details.

July 4th- Leeds w/ Droves, Mateless, Jesus & His Judgemental Father and Good Grief

July 5th- Cornwall w/ Joie de Vivre and Football, Etc

July 6th- Southampton w/ Cycle Schmeichel and Young Attenborough

July 7th- London w/ Joie de Vivre, and a billion other bands

July 8th- Manchester w/ Human Hands, YNTL, Ten Speed Bicycle and Claw The Thin Ice

July 9th- Newcastle w/ Tide of Iron and Cauls

The actual tour event page thing is HERE

If you can, it would mean the world to us if you can make any of these shows. This is our first tour. We’re really excited.

We should have some prints with us of the above design too. Rad!

Mark got this video of us playing a new song, entitled Ninja Clan of Death, at the final Baskin’s Wish show last week. S’alright.

Sheffield, june 16th.

Taken by Jon Andrews, thanks maaaaan.

Hello. I’m bored, here’s an update on what is happening with us right now. We’re playing one show in june. YEAH! On the real, I think we’re pretty glad about it given how busy july is gonna be, and it’s with Ape Up and Prawn so it’s gonna be amazing. Super excited to get away on tour now, we’re about a month away. Looking forward to meeting some good people and seeing some sick bands. There’s been talk of trying to film some of it and making a slick super-hipster tour edit, so that’ll be canny if it happens.

We should have our new shirts pretty soon (Hopefully [maybe]), they should come out looking nice. Hub @ Ink & Toil, based right here in Newcastle, is doing them. Check out his big cartel here. I lyk his dog.

We wrote a new song the other night after a few weeks of ‘relaxed productivity’, and it’s sounding pretty nice. Excited to go back to the practice room and work on it a bit more.
Our friend and spiritual brother Nick C, from Well Wisher and Hammers has made a 21 track mix cd/download to give away on Hammers’ month long euro tour. It features an otherwise unreleased track from us, entitled ‘Major Rager bro, radicool jawn6000 waxa tune’. This track will appear on that split tape on What We Should Be Doing (Thanks Gav).

I think that is everything. I’m still bored so i’m gonna watch some Code Orange Kids live videos. Go click on every link in this post. Thnx.


Hopefully you’re following us ‘cos you like our music and not just our charming good looks and mad dance skills…

If you haven’t already, please check out these things-

-Our first demo ever, self recorded/engineered/released, four immature songs about broken hearts

-Deez rough demo tracks, a demo version of Wild Wolves, and a short song about star wars/self hate

-Hall & Oates, our first proper EP, released about a year ago maybe, this shit is ok in our opinion

-Low Fives, a track from an upcoming split on What We Should Be Doing Recs

THX GUYZ, feel free to download them/put them on yr blog/whatever.

Brawl shirt available soon!

Thanks to Lee Keith Innes for the stellar work.


Wrestler x Will x SundayLad

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LOW FIVES, spread this around plz guys ›

Spread it. Like nutella.