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Sheffield, june 16th.

Taken by Jon Andrews, thanks maaaaan.

New shirts are up on our Bcartel now and that.


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FORGIVE THE SKETCHY IMAGE! The design is a lot cleaner than that irl.

This is the design which will be on the sewn-on patches on the turn up of the new GII beanies.Designed by Lee Keith Innes.

Preorders are now live, and will be up for one week (coming offline on the 30th of January). We will be pretty much ordering what we need for now, so preorder to avoid disappointment!

One love homies.

BE the freshest punk.

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This is whats up

Hiya. I bet you thought we wouldn’t have anything to post in a hile what with Steve being away? WRONG.

As well as the #FREESTEVE appeal we’re running on our twitter, we got our new shirts yesterday. You see the photo below? Thats them. Two fresh new colourways, maroon on white and white on charcoal. Lovely. You can get them at our big cartel, if you like.

We ALSO are putting on a show this saturday (Well, Chris & Foxy are), Into It Over It and Koji hit Newcastle and we couldn’t be more stoked. Foxy is even gonna play some of his own acoustic sad songs. Posi.

Other than that, we have about 15 copies of Hall & Oates left to go of the run. Pretty eager to get rid of these as we have some secret plans for when they’re gone. We’ll see.

So yeah. Not a lot happening, but what is going on is fresh and cool. HYPE.


Get one here and be the envy of your emotional friends!

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Whatuuuuuup, these lads will be up at our Big Cartel in the next couple days!

Weww, cosmic, hay Paul.

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